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your passport is still with post administrative processing

You may see this update if we discovered an error or problem we need to fix during our final quality control review of your passport. Issues diplomatic, official, service, and no-fee regular passports, and facilitates visa processing for those traveling on behalf of the U.S. government. Admin processing is the normal status and could mean multiple things with or without form 221(g) including: CEAC Visa Approved but Status is Administrative Processing status is common these days after visa interview in the US embassy. 1. I believe in the last 2 months they might be doing some check with those forms. Although an officer cannot reveal the reason for administrative processing to the applicant, the following is a list of reasons why an applicant can be sent for administrative processing: Once an applicant is placed in administrative processing the consular officer follows a strict timetable for processing. Later when we collected the passports after 4 days we found the visa is not stamped!!! Usually, when you submit your documents for US Visa renewal using the dropbox option or occasionally after you attend an in-person visa interview, you may see the online status on the CEAC website that says No Status. Jan 29, 2016 Biometrics Appointment Scheduled [Completed], I got the same but it later changed to visa ready for pick up the next day while on ceac.state.gov it changed to issued..it will still change. Your passport # ? Anyone in the similar situation? See the 5 eligibility requirements. Dropped H1 b docs(First time H1b stamping from F1) at Hyd Consulate 27th Feb 2. : ). Some offices will send your materials to you through a courier service rather than have you pick them up. of States Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) website. Step 3 Enter Location, Application ID, or Case Number: Once you are on that page, you need to enter the below information as highlighted in the above screenshot with arrows and click on Submit button. I would appreciate it if anyone could guide me on how long it usually takes for the status to change from Administrative Processing to issued. It may take up to 2 weeks for applications to arrive by mail at a passport agency or center, and up to 2 weeks for you to receive a completed passport in the mail after we print it. At least a further 2-3 workdays should be allowed for delivery. H1B visa approved but CEAC status is Administrative processing. You may change your document delivery address or document pick-up location at any time prior to 11:59 p.m. on the day of your interview at the embassy or consulate. 27-April-2023 changed Application received. Crossing the U.S. - Mexico Border by Land. 2023 Richards and Jurusik, LLP. I also guess they have shortage of staff to expedite the process. In this case, your application status will show as Administrative Processing even though the visa officer told you VISA APPROVED. A-Z Index The current status of your passport is Delivered To Post. = CGI has delivered your passport to the consulate. You are about to leave travel.state.gov for an external website that is not maintained by the U.S. Department of State. Do not call us unless you need a foreign visa within the next 28 days. You will have to stay back in Mexico or Canada if your case gets into Admin processing. even my situation is same, submitted on 6th feb for b1/b2 and no status on tracking as of 3/21 . Our email is, You may not be able to get a status update for. However, I received a Blue slip 221g . Please continue to check this website for updates on the status of your case. You may have applied for US Visa and if your visa was approved, your passport would have been taken to the US Consulate. The flow is this: Administrative processing --> Ready --> Administrative processing --> Issue --> passport in hand Between ready and issue ..it takes about 2 working days..and between Issue and passport-in-hand its about another day or so..this is the general time taken but some cases can take more time. If you check the status of your online passport on this page, you will see an update of "Not Available.". Below are screenshots of the Refused status of a US visa on the CEAC website one in Calgary, the other in Chennai. Did you know you can track your passport status on CGI Federal website? If you have not received your passport within 7 business days after your interview, you can either call or visit the nearestvisa application center. If your passport is ready for pick-up, please bring supporting documents and collect it in a timely manner. Do not panic, it is a system-wide change to the text displayed. So, if you could help yourself out and complete your profile that sure would help us out when we want to reply to your question with factual information. Update : The text for actual refused cases also changed from the previous text. RedBus2US.com 2010 - 2023, All Rights Reserved. Get or renew a passport for a minor under 18 Find out how to get a child's passport, depending on their age. Your case is currently undergoing processing. Some visa applications require further administrative processing, which takes additional time after the visa applicant's interview by a consular officer. Ask our, https://ustraveldocs.com/eg/eg-niv-passporttrack.asp. Kumar my my status still showing approved since 30jan, after i send mail to embassey they said esclated post after 15 days sent mail again now status still same but when i check mail now over there on hold , whats that i dont understand. on 24 th aug 2011, V.O told me that my visa was approved and I submitted the passport.After that,My case went into admin processing. If you fix the numbers entered, then the error would go away. To submit additional documents,please register with our service provider CSC at https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-am/ivor call local number: +374 60 465 986. Go to the top right of this page select your name (it's on the upper right-hand corner)>my profile>[below your picture on the right column] edit my profile. Approved can go to Refused. The consular officer will either issue or refuse the visa. All Rights Reserved. Hello, did you get a reply from the consulate? Once your documents are received by the consulate, and processing starts for your visa, it goes into "Ready" status. Your processing times may be delayed if you receive this letter or email. of State's Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) website. This is a standard process. From my side. no development. still waiting for update frrom consulate. US Visa Status CEAC website, How to check Passport Status, Meaning of Various Statuses, Administrative processing, which is 221(g). After you apply, your application is: It may take up to 2 weeks from the day you apply until your application status is "In Process" at one of our passport agencies and centers. If the US embassy is just verifying primary H1Bs credentials a little bit more or. Then on 10 March I recd email with subject REQUEST TO SUBMIT PASSPORT I submitted passport the same day and next day the status changed from refused to administrative processing. You will need the following information to check your status: We understand some customers are facing extended wait times when calling the National Passport Information Center and we are taking steps to improve the experience. I gave the document. One of the requirements for an O-1 visa is to provide evidence of the individuals extraordinary ability, which may include awards or honors. Update: Since March 3rd, 2020 Users are not seeing the Administrative processing status anymore, they are seeing a new status that shows as refused. All rights reserved. Some smaller Embassy's it happens within hours. You will likely receive multiple mailings depending on what document(s) you applied for: Passport Book:You may receive your newly-issued passport and your citizenship documents (examples: previous passport or birth certificate) separately. In the past, it used to show "Administrative processing", but it now shows as "refused" from March 3 rd, 2020 onwards for most of the cases. It will say "issued", 3/15/2018 NVC case received, 3/22/2018 NVC case assigned, 3/23/2018 Consulate ready, 5/23/2018 Point of Entry ATL, 5/24/2018 Marriage license, officiant and certificate / applied for SS#, 6/7/2018 email notification of NOA-1, 6/11/2018 NOA-1 hard copies for AOS/EAD/AP, 6/27/2018 Biometrics for AOS/EAD, 7/7/2018 ready to be scheduled for interview, 7/11/2018 We are still reviewing your case and there are no updates at this time (email from USCIS), 8/22/2018 We are still reviewing your case and there are no updates at this time (same email again), 9/5/2018 We are still reviewing your case and there are no updates at this time (this is getting boring!!! A consular officer will request additional information when she or he believes the information is relevant to establishing that an applicant is eligible for the visa sought. The duration of the administrative processing will vary based on the individual circumstances of each case. *Mailing times are not included in processing times. We have helped many business owners expand their operations into the US under the L-1A visa and then obtain US permanent residence (EB-1C Green card). Since the visa applicant forgot to mention all his US addresses clearly, VO sent the documents back to the US for verification. Current visa wait times are available on the, As always, please do not hesitate to contact Garfinkel Immigration Law Firm by phone at 704-442-8000 or. To avoid significant delays, send your passport and documents as soon as possible when your number is posted. Otherwise, if an applicant does not provide the required additional information within one year, the applicant will have to reapply for the visa and pay another application fee. If no one is at the address to receive the package, a mailman will leave an undeliverable notice and bring the package back to the post office. : 20th Nov2011. Visa applicants are reminded to apply early for their visa, well in advance of the anticipated travel date. My status is Approved. Still no status on cgi portal. I am also in the same situation where the status changed to "There is no status update for the passport submitted" in ustraveldocs. When we look at the left column and can't determine your timeline. Have you tried some of the suggestions herehttps://ustraveldocs.com/eg/eg-niv-passporttrack.asp, Yeah its tell meThere is no status update available for the passport number submitted. Keep checking but you should have gotten something from the embassy on how to pickup your passport. professional softball players,

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